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Educational Experiences

2 + 2 = 4

That's right - ever since high school I've done something that doesn't even cross most people's minds. I write summaries about my educational experiences. What can I say, I'm weird. Regardless, if you're really that bored (or maybe thinking about taking one of the courses offered at Purdue) feel free to have at it!

Purdue University (2007-2013) - Doctorate

I wonder if I will ever actually leave Purdue...

First Year (2007-2008)
Second Year (2008-2009)

June 2009: Transitioned from full time student to part time student, full time staff.

Third Year (2009-2010)
Fall 2009 [Not enrolled]
Fourth Year (2010-2011)
Fifth Year (2011-2012)
Sixth Year (2012-2013)
Fall 2012 [Not enrolled]

Purdue University (2004-2007) - Masters

Quite possibly my final years at Purdue. I'm already missing my alma mater.

First Year (2004-2005)
Second Year (2005-2006)
Third Year (2006-2007)

Purdue University (2000-2004) - Undergraduate

As time progresses, I suspect I will realize more and more just how amazing these four years of my life really were.

Freshman Year (2000-2001)
Sophomore Year (2001-2002)
Junior Year (2002-2003)
Senior Year (2003-2004)

Grand Haven High School (1997-2000)

Ahh high school. The days of easy A's, ridiculous social scenarios and lots of screwing around...