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. . . nothing contributes so much to tranquilize the mind as a steady purpose . . .

In reality this is basically a catch-all section combining the older "Projects" and "Miscellanea" sections.


World domination, one project at a time

metachory - The first virtual, distributed OS kernel. Ie, my research and dissertation.
Purdue Airport (KLAF) Live Audio - A 24/7 feed from a scanner connected to endor.
Purdue "All-American" Marching Band Archive - a tribute to my insanity, and the Purdue Marching Band
DAViCal on CentOS 6 HOWTO - Helping maintain an illusion of privacy in an increasingly nosy society.
Two-Click Like Button (or +1 Button) - Stopping unnecessary and unauthorized tracking of your users with just one extra click.
Buffer Overflows and You - Spring 2010 project for CS 526 (Information Security).
ECE 477 Senior Design Group 12 (Spring '04) - Our project for Senior Design that consumed over 203 hours of my life :-). Also hands down the one class where I learned the most at Purdue.
The Atomic Age: A Brief Overview - Our final exam project for AP History my junior year in high school. Surprisingly many people have commented on how good it is, so I decided to leave it available here to the public.
Coin Collection - A reincarnation of my original coin collection database. Now more pleasing to the eye. Username 'guest', leave the password blank.


What else should I do with this stuff?

Guestbook - My defunct guestbook page.
Downloads - A small collection of files that I accumulated (or generated) over my high school years.
Quotes - A collection of quotes that I find insightful, humorous, or both.
Computers - A subset of machines in my posession, or at least under my management.
My "Stuff" - A whole bunch of random crap.
TurkeyLand - A description.