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. . . nothing contributes so much to tranquilize the mind as a steady purpose . . .

In reality this is basically a catch-all section combining the older "Projects" and "Miscellanea" sections.


World domination, one project at a time

metachory - The first virtual, distributed OS kernel. Ie, my research and dissertation.
Purdue Airport (KLAF) Live Audio - A 24/7 feed from a scanner connected to endor.
Purdue "All-American" Marching Band Archive - a tribute to my insanity, and the Purdue Marching Band
DAViCal on CentOS 6 HOWTO - Helping maintain an illusion of privacy in an increasingly nosy society.
Two-Click Like Button (or +1 Button) - Stopping unnecessary and unauthorized tracking of your users with just one extra click.
Buffer Overflows and You - Spring 2010 project for CS 526 (Information Security).
ECE 477 Senior Design Group 12 (Spring '04) - Our project for Senior Design that consumed over 203 hours of my life :-). Also hands down the one class where I learned the most at Purdue.
The Atomic Age: A Brief Overview - Our final exam project for AP History my junior year in high school. Surprisingly many people have commented on how good it is, so I decided to leave it available here to the public.
Coin Collection - A reincarnation of my original coin collection database. Now more pleasing to the eye. Username 'guest', leave the password blank.


What else should I do with this stuff?

Guestbook - My defunct guestbook page.
Downloads - A small collection of files that I accumulated (or generated) over my high school years.
Quotes - A collection of quotes that I find insightful, humorous, or both.
Computers - A subset of machines in my posession, or at least under my management.
My "Stuff" - A whole bunch of random crap.
TurkeyLand - A description.


...because I already have too much free time...

I am and have been a member of a number of organizations here on campus, here are some of them...
Purdue Student Publishing Foundation Board of Directors
Faculty Director - 2019 - present

- Periodically review operations of the Purdue Exponent—Purdue’s independent student newspaper—and any other publications or services sponsored by PSPF
- Provide financial, long-range planning, and personnel policy guidance
- Approve the annual budget and major revisions (amounts exceeding $1,000)
- Screen candidates, monitor appointments, and make appointments for various positions including publisher, general manager, advertising director, production director, and editor in chief
Boy Scouts of America
Cub Scout Pack 3337 Committee Campout Chair - 2018 - present

- Supervise, promote, and coordinate attendance at unit, district, and council camps and events
- Supervise youth leadership to arrange leadership/chaperons, transportation, tour permits, facility/camp reservations and first-aid for all outings
- Report to the unit committee
Wabash Valley Astronomical Society
Member - 2017 - present

- Promote astronomy among the local community through outreach efforts
- Volunteer at the West Lafayette Observatory and assist ASTR 263 teaching staff during evening observation events
Purdue Pilots, Inc.
Member - 2009 - present

- Fly perfectly good airplanes, repeatedly. Check out our website - here.
Purdue Ski & Snowboard Club
Member - 2004 - 2007

- Travel included Steamboat, CO; Keystone, Vail, Arapahoe Basin, and Copper Mountain (Summit County, CO); Big Sky, MT and Moonlight Basin; and Jackson Hole, WY. Website available here.
Purdue Sport Parachute Club
Member - 2006 - 2007

- Jumped out of perfectly good airplanes, repeatedly..
Purdue University Bands
Purdue "All-American" Marching Band - 2000 through present

- Videographer for 2006-2007 marching season onward
- Section leader for the 2005-2006 marching season
- Assistant section leader 2002-2003 and 2003-2004 marching seasons
- Travel includes Rose Bowl (Pasadena, CA), Sun Bowl (El Paso, TX), and Capital One Bowl (Orlando, FL) as well as numerous other Big 10 Universities.
Operations Officer - 2004 through 2007

- Partially responsible for resolving logistical concerns with respect to the "All-American" Marching Band. Also operated recording equipment for Purdue Bands.

Attained top rank (Colonel) in student officer corps
Gold and Black Sound (GABS) Women's Basketball Pep Band - 2001 through 2007

- Travel included Dayton, OH (Sweet 16); Knoxville, TN (First & Second Rounds); and Dallas, TX (Sweet 16).
Records and Recruitment Officer - 2003 through 2004

- Encouraged incoming students to join Purdue Bands while also helping to maintain the department's student records.
Boiler Brass Men's Basketball Pep Band - 2002 through 2003

- John W. Ryan scholarship recipient
Concert Band - 2000 through 2004, 2005 through 2006

- Performed under Dr. David A. Leppla.
Symphonic Band - 2004 through 2005

- Performed under Mr. Jay S. Gephart.