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Purdue Graduate School ('07-'08) - Semester I

And so the journey continues. At the time of this writing I am well underway in semester II. Regardless, my first semester in the PhD program had a much better start than that of my master's...

ECE 673 - Distributed Computing Systems

This was a great class with an interesting and useful layout. There were a number of broad topic "areas" related to distributed systems and we spent our time reading and presenting papers from each area. In addition there was a large project that we worked on due at semester's end. My particular project basically involved taking a "fuzz testing" approach to concurrent programs via a modified Linux kernel in an attempt to reveal synchronization bugs. The project was interesting but with ultimately not so interesting results.

I thoroughly enjoyed this class - parts of it are even proving useful in my current research.

ECE 364 - Software Engineering Tools Laboratory

It's worth mentioning that this is the fourth semester that I've been the instructor for ECE 364. I began teaching this course the semester after I taught 264. It's an interesting 1 credit hour class with only one lecture a week. Nevertheless, it's a nice break from the rest of my academic life and I still thoroughly enjoy teaching.

ECN - Engineering Computer Network

I should also mention that for the past two years I have been working with Purdue's Engineering Computer Network as a research assistant on "the storage project." Parts of it are covered by a nondisclosure agreement, but the experience has been by and large interesting and fun. I know a great deal more about enterprise-class storage devices and networks as a result of this project, and the people that I have the opportunity to work with are great.

BAND 110 - Marching Band

Following my declaration from last year that "one can never have enough marching band in their life," I was once again one of the videographers. As usual, I had a great deal of fun and I continue to enjoy my association with the Purdue "All-American" Marching Band.