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GHHS Sophomore Year ('97-'98)

Hello and welcome to a web page that you probably would not expect to see! That's correct, I am writing about my school (although it may not be good things that I write.) ;-) Below is a list of classes that I am currently enrolled in, and a short description about each class. If I gain access to a scanner at some point in time I might try and get pictures of my teachers on here as well. That, however, seems unlikely.

Advanced American Literature/Composition

My first hour class is AALC. And you guessed it, it isn't a very good class to wake up in. We supposedly are reading many works of literature ranging from "The Scarlet Letter" to "Ethan Frome." All of which, I might add, are extremely boring in my opinion. My teacher, however, is anything but boring. Ms. VanSchelven teaches this class with a somewhat abnormal technique. She prefers to be called by her first name "Connie," and always finds new and interesting ways of getting points across.

Spanish II

Welcome to second hour. Spanish II is an interesting class to be proceeds Spanish I, which I took last year, and is definitely a lot harder. Last year all we had to do was basically learn vocabulary. This year we are learning how to conjugate verbs in many different tenses, and how the Spanish language really goes together. My teacher, Mrs. Willy, uses different techniques than my AALC teacher. She actually lets us play games from time to time :) There is a down-side to that, however. It is that we have quizzes/tests much more often than in most of my other classes, making it a tad easier to get a lower grade in.


Third hour is probably the most fun during my normal school day. Our awesome band teacher Mr. Bourdon (which I have no clue how to spell his last name) is our director during the concert season. During marching band season (yes, I'm in the marching band too) Mr. Erne is our director. Mr. Erne always gets right down to work and makes us march until our legs are ready to fall off. It doesn't seem like much fun while practicing, but it is definitely worth it once we get out onto the field. The Grand Haven Marching Band got straight ones at festival, and has gotten straight ones for over 20 years. Mr. Bourdon takes a slightly different approach than Mr. Erne...he allows a small amount of goofing around from time to time, but still manages to have a great sounding band when concert time comes up. Both directors are excellent at what they do, and I'm forever grateful to them for spending time getting the bands into shape daily.

Algebra II

Welcome to one of my more organized classes. Mr. Quick is my teacher for this class, and follows a rather normal schedule. Each day we go over the previous day's homework, discuss the next lesson, and get assigned the homework. We have occasional Quizzes, and a test over each chapter. I am usually very good in Math, but I do have one difficulty: Factoring! I HATE FACTORING! ;-)

CP Chemistry

Fifth more hour to go! This is my favorite class. I really enjoy learning about atoms, bonds, and anything else having to do with science. I especially like the labs that Mr. Diederichsen gives us to do. They are usually very interesting, and range from creating crystals to creating explosive hydrogen :)

20th Century World History

Last Hour of the day...hurray! Mr. Perry, probably one of the few that will actually look at this page, is my teacher for History. The class is okay, but because I'm not especially interested in history, it isn't that much fun. Even though I don't like history, I still find Mr. Perry's class fun. We get to make posters, and little models that we are even allowed to blow up! That in itself is very fun to do. Another fun thing about his class is that he somehow manages to screw up his computer from time to time (Although in theory the school has a security program that prevents stuff like that from happening), and I am usually the one that gets to fix it! Yes, that's correct, I can fix a school computer...Pretty amazing, huh? Not really, considering that the school's security system is basically non-existent. I would like to personally congratulate the person that got the school's network did one of the worst jobs I've seen in my life. hehehe