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I happily and enthusiastically provide a wide range of consulting services. My knowledge and experience covers a large breadth of the electrical and computer engineering as well as computer science fields with expert-level depth.

Dr. Jeff Turkstra
(765) 409-2410

Digital Systems Design and Prototyping
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I can turn an electrical dream into reality, bring an aging system into the future, and diagnose and repair most digital electronics. I have architected, prototyped, and brought to production systems for multiple companies, including start-ups. Do you need some advice? Have an idea, but need someone with an engineering background to work out the details? Have a difficult problem that could use another set of eyes? Send me an email or give me a call.
Software Architecture and Engineering
...with an emphasis on distributed systems and operating systems. In this day and age it is difficult to find someone with enough real, low-level knowledge and experience with complex systems software to really make an impact. I have written file system drivers, have extensive experience with the Linux kernel, and have written my own virtual, distributed operating system kernel. I can tackle complex software problems, digest and extend existing systems, and create systems from scratch. I am most versed in C, but am completely comfortable with many other languages (see my curriculum vitae).

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I am also quite experienced at back-end web design and coding. I've written a lot of PHP for sites like,,, and of course I am completely comfortable with SQL, creating databases - properly, using things like primary keys and other performance/scalability considerations. Anything behind the scenes, or functionality-wise on the front-end, I am your guy. That said, I will openly disclaim that UI design and appearance (color schemes etc) are not my forté.
Infrastructure and Systems Administration
Over a decade and a half of experience managing and deploying Linux systems. If it's related to Linux, I know it, or can figure it out fast. I have extensive experience configuring and securing: apache, sendmail, NFS, Mailman, SpamAssassin, MySQL, PostgreSQL, dovecot, BIND, cron, NTP, ClamAV, Fail2ban, iptables, and many other services and daemons.


I started dabbling in systems administration when I was a teenager in high school, setting up and running my own RedHat-based systems. I have continued to do so in the following decades - this site itself is hosted on my privately managed VPS.

I have been professionally involved in infrastructure and systems management for a decade now. I have experience managing RedHat and Debian-based systems, many running OpenVZ-patched kernels, on over 150 discrete hosts on 90 physical machines. I am familiar with configuration management systems like Puppet, and am able to configure services the Real Way (TM) by editing configuration files directly.

Curriculum Vitae

I am job.

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