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Purdue Graduate School ('04-'05) - Semester II

...yup, still here.

ECE 666 - Advanced Computer Systems

That's right - 666! This class was awesome. I loved it. The sequencing of classes goes something like this: ECE 437 - learn how to make a simple CPU; ECE 565 - learn how to make modern superscalar CPU's (out of order execution, branch prediction, etc); ECE 666 - take 565 and throw it in a system with a bunch of other CPU's and deal with cache coherency, sequential consistency, and a host of other issues that crop up. It's fun :-) Needless to say, this was definitely one of the highlights of this semester. The professor was great and I enjoyed just about every minute of this class (networking got a little iffy towards the end, but what can you do).

MA 511 - Linear Algebra with Applications

Linear algebra - again. This is the graduate version of the class, which as far as I can tell doesn't really mean anything. It was pretty close to the undergrad class. Unfortunately I underestimated how much time I should have allocated to it and didn't do quite as well as I should have. The material, admittedly, was still interesting though. For some reason I still like working with matrices.

BAND 116 - Symphonic Band

For the first time ever I was a member of the Purdue Symphonic Band. It was fantastic! The quality of this ensemble is orders of magnitude higher than any other ensemble at Purdue. Jay Gephart, the ensemble's director is unquestionably one of the most pleasant people that I have ever met. The experience was pretty much indescribable, and I am forever thankful that I was given such a great opportunity.