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GHHS Junior Year ('98-'99)

Yes, that's correct, I am writing about school. I have been in 11th grade now for almost an entire term. All I have to say is this: Last year was a lot easier and a lot more fun. Not to be depressing or anything, but I picked a really difficult schedule this year and most of the subjects I don't exactly like, so to speak. Either way, here is a list of the classes and a brief description. Also, you can check out my sophomore year schedule too if you're really bored.

Zero Hour Fitness

Since I determined that I couldn't fit an Physical Education class into my schedule my Senior year, I decided to take it as a "Zero Hour." This means that I have the joy of waking up an hour earlier every day and coming to school. Basically what we do is lift weights on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and then jog or do some other annoying activity on Tuesday and Thursday. Mr. Taylor is my teacher and okay I suppose, except I think he actually enjoys getting up the hour earlier and making us exercise. Scary I agree, but he lives on my street so I usually end up following him to school every morning (I'm not sure yet if that is a good thing or bad.)

Advanced Placement English Language

Hey look, it's first hour. Mr. Brinks is a teacher who knows what he is doing, but I hate grammar and anything related to the structure of the English language. Not only do we get to learn about really cool grammar and stuff, but every other week we get a new vocabulary list of 20 words that we need to memorize. Every three weeks or so we write some kind of five page paper. I guess I should have expected this from an Advanced Placement class, but I still think it is rather difficult.


Ahh, of my favorite subjects. During the beginning of this year I felt as though all we would be doing would be turning everything in real life into numbers. I realize that this is no longer correct, we seem to somehow neglect anything relating to reality such as wind resistance and any other changing condition in our formulas. I have to admit that I really am starting to enjoy this class much more and my teacher, Mr. Latham, is definately someone who knows what he's talking about.


Well, the marching band season quite a while ago. It was a blast! As usual I went to band camp and had a great time. We learned a new show for this year and performed at numerous football games. I am really going to miss marching band. Now it is concert season. I'm fourth chair in the middle band of our school (at least for now...I plan on challenging until I'm at least second chair). Our band director is Mr. Bourdon. He's really cool. Although marching band is over, we still get to go to pep band. That's a blast too. Every time there's a different theme and everyone where's weird looking clothes. It's really fun.

Advanced Placement History

I'm not sure I should write about this subject. I really don't exactly like history, but I took this class because we needed a half credit of elective history to graduate (I know, this one is a full year, but I thought what the heck.) C.E. is an awesome teacher, but still can't make history interesting for me. This class is another Advanced Placement one and is just about as difficult as AP English.


This class in my opinion is the easiest one (next to band) out of the entire day. I love doing math stuff. Mr. Quick is our teacher and as usual does an excellent job of showing the concepts and explaining things. Things have begun to improve now that the student teacher, Mr. Mills, evacuated from our school. He was nice I suppose, but had an uncanny ability to confuse the entire class. But, now we're beginning to learn new concepts and it's really starting to get more exciting.

Spanish III

Last hour of school. This class is okay I suppose. I think that it isn't too difficult, and the teacher, Mrs. Wilhelm, does a good job of teaching it. So far the class has been pretty much a review of last year with a little more vocabulary thrown in. Since I did well last year, I don't think I'm going to do much worse this year. The only new thing so far, aside from vocabulary, is the subjunctive "mood." We're currently learning how to form it as well as when and where to use it.