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Bandwidth sucking goodness

Here are some essentially ancient files that I've kept mirrored for many, many years.

Graphing Calculator Programs

Apparently the most popular segment of my website depending on what month you're looking at...

My Humble MIDI Collection

I fail to understand why I leave the following two sections up, but I fail to understand a lot of things lately so... Below are some of my MIDI's (I have thousands more - if you're looking for one in particular, feel free to email me).

Macarena - 82.9kB

seaQuest DSV Images

I *really* don't understand why these are still here

Brody.jpg - 39.4kB
Bridger.jpg - 41.6kB
Crew_S_2.jpg - 57.4kB
Crewshot.gif - 39.7kB
Deluise.jpg - 52.7kB
Henderson.jpg - 45.2kB
Hudson.jpg - 33.1kB
Intro1.jpg - 39.1kB
Kather.jpg - 19.9kB
Lcs_Drwn.gif - 50.4kB
Lucas.jpg - 33.9kB
sq_101.jpg - 5.75kB
sq_102.gif - 15.8kB
sqlgo.jpg - 8.81kB
The Ship.jpg - 13.2kB
UEO.gif - 23.9kB
Warpspeed.jpg - 19.6kB