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Jeff               Turkstra

Phillip         Boone
Bill               Kreider

Egomaron       Jegede
Look at those digital gnomes!!
Project Abstract

    A Digital Picture Box will be designed that will allow for direct interfacing to any VGA supported device in order to display images stored on a home/office PC.  A Rabbit Microcontroller with 10/100Base-T Ethernet will be used to access JPEG images stored on a PC.  The user will be provided with on-board pushbuttons, as well as a simple Infrared Remote for similar access.  The Rabbit will receive commands from the user (power on/off, forward one picture, backward one picture, and function commands such as random or slideshow) and will, when needed, receive, over ethernet, a new image that will be loaded into onboard memory and fed to a graphics controller which will then refresh or load the image to the screen.

Team Members: Phillip Boone


Jeff Turkstra

CmpE - Team Leader

Bill Kreider


Egomaron Jegede


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