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Purdue Airport (KLAF) - Live Audio
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Magical gnomes present: streaming audio goodness

January 2017: This page is now defunct. Check out for alternate streams.

Welcome to my own streaming station for Purdue Airport radio communications.

Monitored frequencies include 119.6 (tower), 121.9 (ground), 122.95 (unicom), 121.5 (emergency), and 123.45 (general traffic). Additional frequencies happily added upon request - email Jeff.

METAR and TAF data provided by NOAA's National Weather Service. Informational only - not to be used for navigation, planning, etc.

The Streams

This page contains a flash player that automatically plays the stream in your browser. However, if you would like to use your own player (or the embedded one is not working) both MP3 and OGG format streams are available...

You may have to copy the links below and add them to your player of choice for it to work. Depending on how your file associations are setup, directly clicking on the links may or may not be fruitful. Never forget: do not cross the streams.

Click here for MP3 (playlists: M3U and XSPF)
Click here for OGG (playlists: M3U and XSPF)


There are three pieces of open source software that make this possible. First, an Icecast 2 streaming server allows anyone to connect and listen to either an MP3 or OGG stream. These streams are sourced to the Icecast server via DarkIce, which records and encodes audio from a Radio Shack PRO-135 scanner connected to endor's mic input.

The scanner and endor are located in my office in Purdue University's Young Hall, which is 1.3 mi away from the tower with line of sight. You can see a map here.

At this point the setup would be complete, but just in case you don't want to deal with a third party client to listen to the stream, I've also embedded the open source flash player FFMp3 on this page, which connects to the Icecast server and plays the MP3 stream. All without you having to do anything :-).


These audio streams are for personal listening only. Use on other websites or for commercial purposes is prohibited without prior permission from Jeff Turkstra.

This site is not affiliated with the FAA, NOAA, National Weather Service, or any aviation authority.