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TI-89 Programs

About a year after purchasing my TI-86 Graphing Calculator, Texas Instruments released the TI-89. This calculator is almost identical to the TI-92. The differences are that it has a higher resolution screen, is in the hand-held case, and does not contain the geometry applications that the TI-92 does. It also contains more memory (about 640kB total), allowing for more and better games. The processor is a 10Mhz Motorola 68000, containing a larger instruction set and faster processing capabilities than what is found in the TI-86 and below. Below are programs and games that I have found to be useful and/or fun. I have also written my own programs for the TI-89, and those are also listed below.

TI-89 Programs written by others

Please note that none of these programs were written by myself, and that I am in no way attempting to take credit away from their respective authors.

Periodic Table 89 (9.22kB) - Awesome Periodic Table of Elements! Shows entire table, allows you to search for an element by name, atomic number, or symbol. A must have for Chem students!
Graphical Vector Manipulations (2.22kB) - Shows visual methods of adding, subtracting vectors and the results in numerical notation.
Equation Balancer [Chemistry] (4.90kB) - Balances just about any equation you can think of. Semi-cryptic syntax, but extremely useful for homework.
Chemistry Wizard (6.46kB) - Haven't played with this much, but I think it's probably got some useful stuff for chem students in it.
Molar Mass (4.51kB) - Molar mass calculations.
Stoichiometric Solver (1.19kB) - Solves stoichiometric equations and such.
Equation Solver [Chemistry] (2.26kB) - No idea what this does, I think I used sometime long ago in the past.

My TI-89 Ports

Here are many programs that have been ported from the TI-86 or other calculator/computer. Enjoy!

Angel Drawer (595B) - Really handy program that draws an angle on your calculator.
Vector Addition (331B) - Simplified program for adding vectors.
Random Darts (287B) - Interesting program utilizing the TI-89's random functions.
Matrix Row Operations (1.11kB) - Simplifies TI-89's method of dealing with matrices.
Sine Wave Illustration (517B) - Shows sine wave along with correlation to the unit circle.
System Solver (334B) - Solves systems in the form of ax+by=c, dx+ey=f.
Summation Program (197B) - Enter upper and lower bounds, it generates a number for you.
Vector Angle (538B) - Program Helps determine the angle between two vectors.
Parabola Drawer (480B) - Draws random parabolas all over the screen.
Reflections (207B) - Useful program for reflecting a function across the line y=x.
Sierpinski's Triangle (356B) - This program draws sierpinski's triange on your screen.

My TI-89 Chemistry Programs

More programs written by me for the TI-89. These are particularly useful for chemistry-related stuff.

Volume at Standard Conditions (1.02kB) - Calculates volume of a substance at STP
Electron Configuration (2.83kB) - Great for Chem students...displays electron configuration for almost all elements including the noble gasses.
Grams to Moles (488B) - TI-Basic program that converts angle measures from degrees to radians and vice versa.
pH Calculation (Hydronium-based) (517B) - Chemistry program that calculates pH based on hydronium ions.
pH Calculation (Hydroxide-based) (509B) - Chemistry program that calculates pH based on hydroxide ions.
Mass at STP (530B) - Calculates the mass of a substance at standard conditions.
Moles to Grams (477B) - Converts moles of a substance into grams of a substance.
Moles to Milliliters (482B) - Converts moles of a substance into milliliters of a substance.
Thermodynamics Calculations (3.37kB) - Whole bunch of junk for thermodynamic calculations.

My TI-89 Algebra (II) & Physics Programs

Don't ask me why they're grouped together, I don't know. I'm just dumping all of the content from the old :) Don't have too much fun...

Annuity Calculation (506B) - Algebra II program for annuity.
Annuity Calculation (Different Equation) (508B) - Same as above, just solves for a different variable.
Area Formulas (3.01kB) - Very useful program. All kinds of area formulas for squares, circles, spheres, everything.
MIP (589B) - I can't remember what this one is for...
Volume Equations (1.99kB) - Another useful app. Tons of volume equations for spheres, cubes, and a lot more.
Radioactive Decay (637B) - Given atomic mass and atomic number, it can calculate alpha or beta radioactive decay values.
Energy due to Beta Radiation (424B) - Given original mass and final mass, calculates the amount of energy released from beta decay.
Half Life-based Calculations (1.55kB) - Given three of the following: original weight, final weight, half life, or time, this program solves for the missing value out of the four.
Pascal's Triangle (509B) - Gives the nth row of Pascal's Triangle (ie, entering "5" generates "1 5 10 10 5 1".
pH-based Concentration Calculations (1.39kB) - Give H+, pH, pOH, or OH- this program gives you the other three values.
Radioactivity (384B) - Given atomic mass, mass of substance, and half life, this program tells you its radioactivity.
Nth Term (392B) - Give (a+b)^z it will show you the NTH TERM of it. This is something the TI-89 doesn't do natively (at least that I'm aware of).
Trajectory (561B) - Give angle and velocity, tells you max vertical height, horizontal distance, time, vertical distance, and range.