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Motorcycle Idiocy - October 22, 2004

So there's this place up by the Hilltop main office that says "Motorcycle Parking Only" and it's up on the sidewalk, behind a bunch of spots requiring an A/B permit. This would, at the very least, imply that you need an A/B permit to park there - something that obviously wasn't the case to begin with. Instead, according to the brilliant people associated with Parking Services and Purdue Police, you need a residence hall permit to park there. It just doesn't make any sense to me, or anyone else that I explain it to. However, even after an appeal they held up the decision. The best part was when I asked if you also needed an A/B permit in addition to the residence hall permit to park there. One of the highly intelligent members of the appeal committee immediately answered "yes," while another superseded him saying "we aren't commenting on that matter." As if it was a separate issue. Ugh. All I have to say is that all previous references to intelligence or brilliance should be taken in a "bitterly sarcastic" context.