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Skydiving - October 1, 2006

So I decided to jump out of an airplane at 3500 ft. It was very interesting and scary as hell. I fully intend to do it again...

album/10012006/2nd Skydive 001.jpgalbum/10012006/2nd Skydive 002.jpgalbum/10012006/2nd Skydive 003.jpgalbum/10012006/2nd Skydive 004.jpgalbum/10012006/2nd Skydive 005.jpgalbum/10012006/2nd Skydive 006.jpgalbum/10012006/2nd Skydive 007.jpgalbum/10012006/2nd Skydive 008.jpgalbum/10012006/2nd Skydive 009.jpgalbum/10012006/2nd Skydive 010.jpgalbum/10012006/2nd Skydive 011.jpgalbum/10012006/2nd Skydive 012.jpgalbum/10012006/2nd Skydive 013.jpgalbum/10012006/2nd Skydive 014.jpgalbum/10012006/2nd Skydive 015.jpgalbum/10012006/2nd Skydive 016.jpg