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Hetch Hetchy Day 4 - June 6, 2016

I awoke, enjoying breakfast with a view, and then proceeded to finish the remaining 5.8 miles to Tiltill Valley. I then took the fork to Rancheria Falls, making my way another 2.8 miles to an absolutely stunning sight. Wow. And it only got better. After eating lunch there, I hiked along the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir to Wapama Falls for the most amazing view of the entire absolutely massive, roaring waterfall that is simply indescribable. I shouldn't even try. It was just amazing. I rested there for a while and then finished the 5.3 mile trek to the fork leading to the switchback I had taken three days earlier. I then hiked the remaining mile back to O'Shaughnessy Dam. I was out. I was done. I setup camp at the backpackers' campground and began recuperating and preparing for my trip home. 41.5 miles and four days. What a trip!