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Hetch Hetchy Day 3 - June 5, 2016

I backtracked the remaining 6 miles on Moraine Ridge (you know, out of the many trails one could pick to do twice on a backpacking trip, this one certainly isn't a bad choice). I then took the fork to Lake Vernon, hiking 3 miles to their snow cabin. The trail along the lake was less than impressive...I had maybe two decent views of the lake. It was also crazy hot. Nevertheless, I made lunch at the cabin, backtracked the 1 mile out, and continued on up a very long switchback. That was after wading through some more water. Water that was basically the headwater to a really awesome and roaring river (stream?). Anyway, I made it maybe a mile up the switchback and decided to stop and camp at an absolutely amazing little spot. It was just off of the switchback, a little exposed, but with water nearby and an absolutely fantastic view. That is, aside from the mountain lion or whatever animal (trust me, it wasn't small) spent 30 minutes growling at me while stalking just outside the limits of my headlamp.