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Hetch Hetchy Day 2 - June 4, 2016

I awoke and hiked the remaining 1.5 miles to Beehive, where I discovered why it was named "Beehive." Spoiler: the name isn't very imaginative. Ugh. I went another 1.3 mi, where the trail forked to either Lake Vernon or Moraine Ridge. I hiked the 7.0 miles along Moraine Ridge, making it to the river crossing at Jack Main Canyon. Unfortunately due to snowmelt, crossing the river was impossible. On the plus side, I did have the exciting experience of wading out into ice cold water, balancing my pack on my head until the water reached almost my armpits, realizing the water was going to continue getting deeper while beginning to fear that the current was too strong for me to maintain my footing, and turning back. Twice. So, my original route impassible, I backtracked maybe 1 mile where I made camp beneath a giant rock face with what appeared to be a cross embedded in it. It was an amazing day.