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Steamboat Trip Day 4 - May 21, 2018

Well, it was definitely an interesting trip. I ended up taking three days to ride my motorcycle out, stopping at a KOA the first night after riding beyond sunset. Turns out their tent sites are below grade, and it rained. So, I had the privilege of waking up to a thoroughly flooded tent. Thankfully the nearby bathroom had ample space outside under an awning for me to set everything out. I left as soon as it was bright enough to see.

Next, after stopping for gas in Lodgepole, NE on day two, my rear tire went flat. Of course, it was raining again and I was already soaking wet. Thankfully, one of the city employees was checking a drainage ditch near where I pulled off. I am so very grateful that he stopped and helped me get to the city garage. At that point we were able to get ahold of 21st Century Equipment in Sidney. They were able to find a trailer, get me to their shop, and fix my tire (it was a brand new tire - turns out the valve stem was reused and failed). And you know what, they didn't even charge me. So. Awesome. Anyway, soaked and a bit dismayed, I gave up and got a hotel to dry out.

I made it to Steamboat the next day. They were in the middle of a very wet "mud season." It took a while - talking to my friends Deb and Ted, the National Forest Service, and some other locals - but I ended up heading to Pearl Lake.